Inspiring Young People

At Wild Sparrow, we inspire young people to learn and experience the lifestyle of studying in some of the world’s most highly regarded educational institutions. Our passionate and committed students come from various countries throughout the world. Moreover, we give our students access to well-balanced and fully supervised summer courses which vary between 2,4, and 6 weeks. Students can choose from a variety of academic and elective classes which suit their interests.

We have designed our courses in a way which allows our students to transfer and develop their skills, while also building their confidence in speaking and creating presentations at the same time. Students also work in teams and enhance their cross-cultural skills.

Our objective at our school is to provide a platform where students can become global citizens, including teaching students about the world and their role and place in it. We encourage young people to develop their knowledge, skills, and values, thus allowing them to adapt and engage in the ever-changing world.

To ensure our students enjoy their time spent studying at Wild Sparrow, we organise regular day trips to top historical sites in the UK as well as providing evening entertainment. Our priority at our school is to ensure the safety of our students, and for your peace of mind, the fee you pay at the start of the term includes medical insurance.

Like What You See?

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